Veterinary Technician

Job Description

Job Description

Veterinary Technicians report to the Hospital Manager and are under the direct supervision and guidance of the Lead Technician and the Doctor(s). Individuals in this position are required to help improve the quality of care given to the patients of Leader Heights Animal Hospital and to aid the practitioners in achieving greater efficiencies by relieving them of technical work and administrative detail.

The veterinary technician has many important responsibilities and plays many roles within the hospital. They are routinely entrusted with patient assessments, procedures, drug doses and treatments. The technician must be a detail oriented person who can make good decisions, respond quickly and calmly to crises, and maintain high standards of patient care. Technicians need to communicate clearly with the doctors, other hospital personnel, and clients to ensure that patients receive the care that they need.

Technicians should enjoy working with diverse people and animals and be friendly and flexible in the face of varying expectations from clients and co-workers. They must handle stress and pressure with poise and tact. Technicians must share a firm belief in the quality of care we provide and communicate this sense of assurance to clients. It is important to know and understand our services and recommendations and be able to clearly convey the value of the services to the clients. Excellent client communication skills, a commitment to outstanding client service, and the ability to work as a part of a team are essential.

Duties of the position:
In-patient medical care- Administer medications and vaccines (subcutaneously and intramuscularly), assist or perform treatments, diagnostics ad monitoring, place IV catheters, perform venipuncture using the patients’ cephalic, saphenous, and jugular veins in a manner that avoids trauma to patient and injury to veins, run lab tests, administer IV fluids, cleaning, feeding, and walking pets as needed.
Radiology- Positioning patients for radiographs and knowledge on viewing and sending views.
Laboratory duties- Collecting, preparing, and running or submitting samples for requested tests, general knowledge on what the tests are looking for; reading and recording results when indicated (fecals, urines, ear cytology, etc) when requested by a doctor, and the ability to explain those basic results to clients.
Cytology: Ability to create slides and read necessary cytology such as ear swabs, urine specific gravity, etc
Restraint: Restraining patients in a manner that allows necessary work to be performed, minimizes stress to the animal, and ensures the safety of pets and people. Safely and effectively apply and use restraints such as muzzles, towels, and gloves, with finesse and respect for the animal. Comfort scared patients.
Client Communication for hospitalized patients: Give patients updates, discharge instructions, and provide follow up for certain hospitalized patients.
Client medical demonstrations/education: Teach/educate clients on at home care procedures with confidence
Technician appointments: Blood draws, Laser treatment, bandage changes, post op checks, suture removals, routine anal gland expressions, nail trims, booster vaccines, etc.
Clinic Technician/Pharmacy: Assisting doctors with outpatient or prompt care appointments, preparing, restocking, cleaning exam rooms, check patients in and out, take history and vitals, input data into medical records, ensure a smooth and timely flow of outpatient appointments from check in to check out. Fill medications, with the approval of the doctor, accurately.Reviewing the technicians and prescription refill worklists and following through with requests.
Surgical instrument care: Clean, maintain, and sterilize anesthetic equipment and surgery instruments.
Assist with reception/front desk duties as needed- answering phones, booking appointments, admit/discharge patients
Assist in mentoring and training the Veterinary Assistants and new employees.
Assist with inventory control: Unpacking, restocking drugs and medical supplies, updating expiration dates and/or other information in the computer
Flexibility and Teamwork: Any other duties ask of you by the hospital leadership team

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Vet Nurse / Technician
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York, Pennsylvania, United States

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