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How much does it cost?

The Veterinary Map is FREE for Job Seekers.

How do I register?
Do I need to register to search?
Does The Veterinary Map handle my Enquiry or otherwise act as an agent?
Who can see my profile?
Can anyone see my CV once it’s downloaded?
Can I Enquire about a job without applying?
What if I don’t have a CV?
What if I have more than one CV?
Can I write or upload a cover letter when I Enquire about a position?
What if I want to change or update my CV?
How do I set up automatic notifications about jobs?
Can I view comments from previous employees?
How do I know my enquiry reached the employer who listed the job?

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How much does it cost to subscribe to The Vet Map?

The standard subscription price for one veterinary business is US$20 per month and includes up to three branch or satellite clinics. Corporate networks should contact The Veterinary Map for pricing at [email protected]

How much does it cost to list jobs?
Am I locked into a contract?
What do I get for my subscription fee?
How do I register?
How do I advertise a position?
How many jobs can I list at a time?
How do I advertise a position in my branch/satellite clinic?
I have multiple clinics and would like to list jobs specific for each clinic?
I have accepted an applicant and do not want to receive more enquiries
Can anyone see my profile?
I see there is a comments section on my profile, can anyone comment on my business?
What if I can’t see my pin on the map?
Can I suspend my subscription for a period of time?
My business is a registered Charity, do you offer a discount?

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What are the benefits of becoming a subscriber to The Veterinary Map?

Your courses and events will be widely visible to the veterinary profession, not only to those in your jurisdiction but also to those further afield who may travel to your region for education. By bringing together in one site those seeking veterinary courses and events with those offering them, your potential customers have much greater ability to find you through a targeted search filter (for those who know what course they’re looking for) or by browsing the full range of courses and events on offer (for those looking for some inspiration).

How do I subscribe?
How do I advertise a course or event?
How do I list courses or events that are not conducted at my business address?
Can potential attendees contact me directly via the Vet Map?
Can customers book my course or event through the Vet Map?
What is a Featured Event?

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