Veterinary Technician

Job Description

Job Description

Veterinary Technician


Minooka Animal Hospital

How to Apply

Request an application and return to 103 Industrial Drive, Minooka, IL 60447

Job Summary

The Veterinary Technician supports the doctors in providing high quality patient care and excellent client service. More specifically, the Veterinary Technician is responsible for obtaining baseline medical information, performing routine procedures, and assisting with surgery.

This is a full and part time position; scheduled days and hours may vary based on hospital need. Overtime and weekend work is possible. This position requires standing for long periods of time and some heavy lifting may be involved.

The Veterinary Technician reports to the Hospital Manager.

Job Duties and Responsibilities :

General Tasks:
• Follows time clock procedures for clocking in and out at the start and end of the shift.
• Reports to work on time for each shift.
• Ensures the treatment and surgical area is clean and tidy, maintaining a professional appearance at all times.
• Assists the Hospital Manager with special projects during slow times.

Client Service:
• Maintains a professional and calm demeanor with all clients.
• Greets the client and patient and helps ensure an orderly transition from the reception area to the exam room.
• Acts as an intermediary between the doctor and the client, responsible for tasks such as client follow-up phone calls after a visit or surgery.
• Clearly and accurately explains all services, procedures, and treatments.
• Recommends routine treatments and educates the client appropriately.
• Provides the client with all appropriate educational materials.
• Updates patient files accurately and in a timely fashion to allow for an efficient client check-out process.
• Notes any recommended products or services in the chart and communicates these with the Client Service Representative.

Patient Examination:
• Demonstrates and utilizes proper restraining techniques.
• Reads and accurately interprets the patient chart.
• Obtains and records baseline medication information.
• Performs cursory examinations, including assessment of the eyes, ears, and teeth.
• Completes routine procedures such as nail trims, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression.
• Completes all necessary updates to the patient chart, specifically the treatment sheet (travel/circle sheet).
• Utilizes the hospital computer system to enter appropriate products and services from the treatment sheet (This responsibility may be shared with the Client Service Representative).

Laboratory and Diagnostics:
• Collects appropriate blood samples for various diagnostic tests.
• Properly runs diagnostic tests.
• Perform both canine and feline dental prophylaxis.
• Obtains necessary cytology samples for ear swabs and skin scrapings.
• Collects and can read samples for fecal analysis and urinalysis.
• Accurately completes and submits all laboratory samples and paperwork.
• Properly obtains and processes radiographs utilizing the correct protective garments, labeling, positioning, and exposure.

Patient Treatment and Surgical Assistance:
• Completes dental scaling and polishing.
• Prepares patient for surgery, including aseptic technique and monitoring equipment.
• Selects, calculates, and administers appropriate dosages of anesthetic agents.
• Monitors patient during anesthesia and recovery.
• Maintains surgical packs (cleanliness, contents, and sterility).
• Completes updates to the surgical log.
• Maintains exam and surgical equipment.
• Provides post-surgery updates to clients.

Qualifications: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

• Routine procedures including:

o Baseline medical data: weight, temperature, heart rate, etc.

o Cursory examinations

o Nail trims

o Ear cleaning

o Anal gland expression
• Prophylactic dental care, including recognition of teeth abnormalities
• Diagnostic testing, including FeLV, FIV, heartworm, fecal analysis, and urinalysis
• Blood testing and cytology sampling
• Hospital medications, protocols, and general medical recommendations
• Utilization and maintenance of anesthesia and hospital equipment.
• Telephone etiquette
• English language

• Client service and interpersonal skills
• Patient restraint techniques
• Routine examinations and sample collection
• Dental scaling, polishing, and extraction
• Reading and interpreting patient charts and treatment sheets (travel/circle sheets)
• Injections and catheter insertion
• Dental scaling and polishing (in some cases, dental extractions)
• Basic computer skills (Microsoft Office, E-mail, and AVImark experience preferred)

• Professional and courteous
• Flexibility
• Willingness to learn
• Attention to detail
• Adherence to procedures and protocols
• Works well in team environment
• Self-starter and able to work with minimal supervision

Qualifications: Education/ Experience
• High school degree
• Bachelors degree in related area and/or is a plus but not required
• CVT or RVT certification is a plus but not required
• Prior experience desired but willing to train the right candidate

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Vet Nurse / Technician
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Minooka, Illinois, United States

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