Veterinary Assistant

Job Description

Job Description

The veterinary assistant is the entire team’s primary support. Every department relies on their significant role in aiding with a variety of services to provide excellent client and patient care.

Job Description Overview:

. Assist with patient care and treatment

. Monitor hospitalized pets / Monitor/aid in caring for animals after surgery

. Maintain inventory and stocking

. Restrain animals during blood draws and nail trims
• Aiding with routine diagnostic tests (i.e. Taking radiographs, running bloodwork, reading fecal)
• Maintain & sterilize surgical instruments/equipment
• Clean/Disinfect cages, kennels, exam and treatment areas of hospital
• Administering medications under Veterinarian/Vet Tech supervision
• Feeding/bathing animals
• Answering phones
• Customer service
• Helping clients with their pets

• Must be 18yrs old or older
• Must be a self-starter, able to multitask and a team player.
• Genuinely enjoys working with animals and is able to deal with them even when they are stressed, ill or in pain.
• Prefer 1+ years of experience, but not required.
• Ability to meet the physical demands of the job. Work requires lifting, carrying and restraining animals (will be assisted by other staff members in lifting animals over 40 lbs.). Should be able to lift 40lbs on own.

. Walks or stands for extended periods or time; frequently works in a bent or squatting position.

. Is experienced in the teamwork approach and works well with all levels of hospital team members.

If you are passionate about animals and are interested in joining a team of highly devoted animal advocates, our hospital may be the right fit for you.

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Oregon City, Oregon, United States

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