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  • 7 Fitzroy St, Nanango, 4615, QLD, AU

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Seeking a balanced lifestyle in a small town rural setting in Australia? Look no further than Nanango Country Vets in the South Burnett, Queensland. Located 2.5 hours from both Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, Nanango and surrounds offers an experienced or aspiring mixed practice Veterinarian the chance to fulfill any career aspirations. Supported by a great group of experienced vet assistants and nurses plus trainees, a veterinarian also looking to learn new skills will be ably supported by the owner/senior veterinarian who has worked the area for over 35 years.  What animals will you be working with, you ask? 60-70% smallies, and the rest may comprise horses, cattle, sheep, goats, alpacas, llamas, pigs and our beautiful wildlife, dependent upon your interests and experience. Yes, we have all the gear you will need to provide our clients and patients with the best service ever.

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  • Nanango Country Vets in the South Burnett, Queensland, is located 2.5 hours from both Brisbane
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