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Nottingham Veterinary Medicine & Surgery – BVM BVS   |   Course - Undergraduate/externship

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Suton Bonington Campus, Loughborough, LE125RD, NOT, GB


5 and 6 year courses with April and September intakes

Event Description

There are three routes at Nottingham by which students can graduate as veterinary surgeons. The 5-year course (D100) leads students from day one through a clinically integrated programme covering all of the common domestic, wildlife and exotic species. Our philosophy is that your education needs to be hands-on, bringing you into contact with animals and clinical case scenarios from the very beginning of your course. With this in mind, you will spend a lot of your time in our purpose-built clinical teaching facilities as well as working with our local Clinical Associates, the existing on-site agricultural facilities and the adjacent Veterinary Laboratories Agency. The 6-year course (D104) includes a Preliminary Year, which provides students with the relevant knowledge of biology, chemistry, animal health and husbandry required for later years of the course. The 6-year course (D190) includes a Gateway Year, which provides an opportunity to upskill capable students who might not otherwise consider entry on the profession. Students gain the relevant scientific knowledge required for the later years of the course. This fundamental scientific understanding will be set in the context of animal structure, function, health and husbandry. Students will also develop animal handling and an appreciation of the role of animals in society. For both the 6-year courses above, years 2 to 6 follow the curriculum of the 5-year course.
If you aim to work in the veterinary profession, we strongly encourage you to consider applying to study Veterinary Medicine and Surgery here at Nottingham – we believe that our courses, which integrate clinical medicine and surgery with pathology and basic sciences, ensure that a University of Nottingham graduate gains the best possible foundations on which to build their future career.

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Event Type

Course - Undergraduate/externship





Complementary/alternative therapies



Emergency/critical care








Practice management

Public health




Veterinary nursing


Species Specialization

  • Companion animals
  • Equine
  • Production animal
  • Avian
  • Reptile/amphibian
  • Exotic companion
  • Wildlife
  • Zoo animal
  • Aquatic
  • Other

Event Location

This event will take place in Suton Bonington Campus, Loughborough, LE125RD, NOT, GB

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  • We provide a fresh approach to veterinary education with a progressive and dynamic environment, which
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