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Centre for Veterinary Education, The University of Sydney, NSW, Australia


01-Feb-2024 - 30-Nov-2024

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Maximise the output of your client’s operations and learn how to better manage nutritional problems.  This course aims to help you develop the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve optimal nutritional outcomes in beef, dairy cattle, and sheep enterprises. A three-day interactive workshop will see you visiting dairies, feedlots, and grazing enterprises to bring your learning to life. The course emphasises an evidence-based approach to nutritional management and will focus on key topics including the development and physiology of the rumen, feed intake and its utilisation, management, and prevention of nutritional deficiencies and metabolic disease as well as the achievement of optimal nutritional outcomes. This course will be highly valuable to any veterinarian or allied professional working in a farming environment or looking to develop their nutritional consultancy as well as those who intend to sit the exams for the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists (ANZCVS) in animal nutrition (ruminant). Past Participant:

If you're interested in having an evidence-based approach to production systems and backing up your recommendations with a simple but powerful financial analysis, then do the course. It's just so practical. Helen Baillie, 2019

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This event will take place in Centre for Veterinary Education, The University of Sydney, NSW, Australia

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