Dermatology: Pruritic Skin Disease Distance Education

Dermatology: Pruritic Skin Disease Distance Education   |   Course - Postgraduate

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Centre for Veterinary Education, The University of Sydney, NSW, Australia


01-Feb-2024 - 31-May-2024

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Develop a logical, problem-based approach to the investigation of pruritic skin cases.

Skin problems are among the most common reasons for presentation in everyday practice. The CVE Dermatology Distance Education program is a modular course that aims to provide you with the practical skills necessary to work up and resolve these often recurrent cases with minimal frustration for both owner and clinician. The Pruritic Skin Disease DE course will cover the various common causes of pruritus: including insect hypersensitivities, atopic and contact dermatitis as well as food allergies, Malassezia dermatitis, and pruritic parasitic skin diseases.  The pathophysiology of pruritus, including neurogenic and psychogenic pruritus will be reviewed with an emphasis on current and upcoming treatment modalities. The introductory module will cover the general approach to a dermatology patient. It also features practical work with microscopy and skin biopsy sampling conducted online and the key steps in the approach to nodules. to nodules. While much of the emphasis is on deepening your personal logical approach to case management, this course reviews the latest information available on a wide range of conditions and presents the latest evidence-based treatment options available. Ultimately, having more confidence in your abilities to manage skin patients will lead to higher job satisfaction. Note: Includes introductory module. If you have previously completed this module, your start day is 1 March 2024 Past Participant:

Very friendly and supportive tutors- I feel I made a big step in the right direction! Thanks! Andrea, 2022 Course Participant

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Course - Postgraduate



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This event will take place in Centre for Veterinary Education, The University of Sydney, NSW, Australia

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