Chrysalis 4-day Intensive Program for your brightest potentials

Chrysalis 4-day Intensive Program for your brightest potentials   |   Workshop

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Gold Coast QLD, Australia


18-Feb-2020 - 21-Feb-2020
19-May-2020 - 22-May-2020

Event Description

A transformational leadership program for veterinary Professionals, Practice Managers, Head Nurse, Lead Vet or your pipeline development high potentials Chrysalis is a bespoke leadership training program designed to transform your organisation’s key people into highly effective team leaders. Created specifically for your team members, Chrysalis enables participants to clearly identify their strengths and areas for development, learn strategies and skills to ensure they perform at their best, and be ready to take flight in meaningful roles leading and managing your practice.
Chrysalis is much more than a soft skills CPD or feel-good experience. Your team members will develop leadership skills that will change the course of their professional and personal lives. In this three and a half day immersive experience, we combine the best teachings of the Australian Graduate School of Management MBA program, The Royal Military College Duntroon officer training school and many years of operational experience both in the corporate sector and private practice.
Attendees will emerge from this experience able to effectively:
  • Give feedback and construct a message so that it strengthens relationships and encourages change – with both team members and clients
  • ​Build a culture of accountability that means they’ll delegate once and it happens every time
  • ​Recognise when delegated tasks are being pushed back onto the leader – and how to stop it happening, for good
  • ​Deal with stress ‘in the moment’ – and how to build resilience so that they can handle it in the long term
  • ​Manage their time effectively with competing priorities
  • ​Differentiate between a ‘training’, ‘performance’ and ‘mental health’ discussion – how to recognise which one is appropriate and how to do them well
  • ​Lead discussions with difficult clients including fee collection and expectation management
  • ​Conduct a great interview (hiring and performance managing)

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  • Companion animals
  • Production animal

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This event will take place in Gold Coast QLD, Australia

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