Volunteer Veterinarian

  • Parc National du Haut Niger, Faranah, FRN, GN

Job Description

Volunteer Vet for 2/3 months duration

The main responsibilities are to take care of the health of all the chimps, monitor the 3 babies in quarantine, and collaborate with the CCC team to ensure protocols (quarantine, hygiene, etc.) are followed. If possible, the vet will also train staff in skills such as basic vet care and darting technics. Responsible for any surgeries and autopsies which luckily are not required very often.

The vet doesn’t need wildlife experience, as long as they have good general veterinary experience.

Meals and accommodation will be provided.

The candidate must:

Speak French.

Have a clinical experience of at least one year to manage basic care and emergencies – having experience in wildlife or with primates is a big plus!

Master basic laboratory techniques in hematology, parasitology, etc. The Center has a microscope and basic equipment, and as we are very isolated, we want to develop the diagnostic possibilities on the spot. Be enthusiastic to train the local team. Having an experience in Africa is a big plus.

Be able to live in a small community in an isolated place.

Be in excellent physical and mental condition

Job Details

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Accommodation provided


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