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WE NEED EXPERIENCED VET VOLUNTEERS to help teach vet students how to neuter in Goa, India. The benefits to us are that we can neuter lots of animals in a short time and help reduce animal suffering, cruelty, over-population and disease in India. The benefits to you are that you can pass on your hard work and expertise to the next generation of vets in one of the most beautiful settings where FREE accommodation and transport once in Goa, will be provided.
Are you an experienced English speaking vet who can neuter male and female cats and dogs confidently? We need help from May-August every year, June and July in particular as these are the busiest times for students coming over to learn. Due to an extremely high number of animals needing our care following the monsoon season, we also need vet help from now (October 2019) into the first quarter of 2020.
We are an organisation who rely solely on donations from the public to carry out our work. Owned and run by Janie O’Connor, an English woman who came over 12 years ago and stayed to help the stray animals after visiting the area, the centre employs four full time staff who treat and care for thousands of sick and injured animals as well as feeding them during the monsoon season when tourists are no longer there and the animals are most at risk.
We are now working with Vets and Wildlife; an organisation that helps to provide much needed experience to vet students from around the world.
You can follow the work we do closely via this page, where we have daily updates on the animals we look after and the challenges we face. You can also read all about Vets and Wildlife and the work they do to help us here
This is a very exciting time for ARC to work with Vets and Wildlife as the main challenge we have is that we cannot afford a full time vet and we don’t neuter as many animals as we’d like to, to make a lasting difference to the population of stray animals in the area.

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  • The Animal Rescue Centre in South Goa is a charitable organisation set up in 2005
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