Veterinary Technician

Job Description

Job Description


Job Summary

The Veterinary Technician is an invaluable member of the hospital team who works directly with the Veterinary Technician and supporting medical staff to ensure productive and quality veterinary care at all times.

Job Responsibilities
• Assists the veterinarian during examination of animals, providing restraint as needed in order to work safely and effectively.
• Prepares and administer medications, vaccines, serums, and treatments, as prescribed by the veterinarian.
• Performs routine dental cleanings on animals under the direction of the veterinarian.
• Administers anesthesia to animals under the direction of the veterinarian and monitors animals’ responses to anesthetics so that dosages can be adjusted.
• Obtains radiographs of animals with knowledge of proper positioning and techniques.
• Cares for and monitors the condition of animals recovering from surgery.
• Performs laboratory tests on blood, urine, and feces, such as urinalyses and blood counts, to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of animal health problems.
• Administers emergency first aid, such as performing emergency resuscitation or other life-saving procedures.
• Collects, prepares, and labels samples for laboratory testing, culture, or microscopic examination.
• Cleans and sterilizes instruments, equipment, and materials.
• Provides the veterinarian with the correct equipment and instruments, as needed.
• Fills prescriptions, measuring medications and labeling containers.
• Prepares animals for surgery, performing such tasks as shaving surgical areas and placing IV catheters.
• Maintains clean examination rooms and treatment areas.
• Works collaboratively with veterinarians to ensure that all animals are being cared for properly and moving through the system efficiently.

Skills and Basic Qualifications
• Certification as a Veterinary Technician is preferred.
• Excellent communication skills and the ability to work effectively and efficiently in a fast paced environment.
• Ability to effectively handle and control aggressive animals.
• Must be able to handle the physical and emotional aspect of work in a veterinary clinic environment, including the use of euthanasia.
• Models a professional and courteous manner with staff and clients.
• Commitment to ongoing educational development and growth.
• Must have active listening, critical thinking, complex problem solving, time management, judgment and decision making skills.

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Vet Nurse / Technician
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St. Paul, Minnesota, United States

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