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Job Description

Job Description

Are you looking for place to land where you work 4 days a week with 3 days off with a hospital that encourages personal growth and development and values a positive clinic culture and work-life balance? Well then Lake Grove Veterinary Clinic in Lake Oswego is the place for you. Due to employee promotion we have a rare opening in our clinical team. We are proud to say that our average tech/CVT has been with us for 15 years. Lake Grove encourages innovation, new perspective and collaborate efforts to move our hospital forward.

Come work at just the right pace – patient visits by appointment with curbside drop-off, walk-ins, and emergencies are seen as needed. Lake Grove Veterinary Clinic in Lake Oswego, cultivates a fun, authentic, and compassionate work environment. Our mission is to provide quality care with compassion to every patient and client and looking for a Certified Veterinary Technician or experienced veterinary assistant to join our team full-time.

We are a high-quality hospital and care deeply about making sure pets have everything they need to be happy and healthy by providing clear communication built on trust and integrity. Our excellent client service and quality patient care cultivate in the long term. Our medicine and relationships with our clients do not go unnoticed; we have been recognized as one of the top hospitals in the area.

As a veterinary Assistant / Certified Veterinary Technician you will do the following depending on state law :

  • Review vaccination records and prepare vaccines according to our vaccine protocol.
  • Support veterinarians in procedures using accurate restraint; know how to restrain fractious patients.
  • Assist veterinarian in surgical procedures using proper aseptic technique.
  • Maintain and use equipment such as IDEXX Procyte/CatalystOne and autoclave.
  • Perform routine laboratory procedures and analyses in hematology, microbiology, urinalysis, and serology.
  • Prepare samples for outside laboratory analysis.
  • Monitor patients under anesthesia.
  • Induce anesthesia and intubate patients.
  • Coordinate treatments and injections following the instructions of a doctor or a treatment form.
  • Initiate emergency procedures; triage patients.
  • Maintain pharmacy records, and controlled drug, anesthesia logs.
  • Take radiographs, with knowledge of accurate positioning and techniques.
  • Take vital signs of animals including temperature, pulse, and respiration.
  • Perform dental cleanings.
  • Perform and analyze skin and ear cytologies.
  • Perform catheterization- urinary and venous.
  • Complete anal gland expression, ear cleanings, and nail trims
  • Assist in maintaining and preparing records, consent forms, other documents.
  • Support out other team members as needed.
  • Assist in customer service such as answering incoming phone calls, greeting and checking-in clients, checking-out clients and accurately updating financial records, preparing patient files and documents, as well as acting as liaison for client communications.
  • Show excellent client communication and telephone skills.
  • Must efficiently be able to read, speak, and write in English.
  • Must have basic computer literacy skills.
  • Handle multiple unrelated tasks, simultaneously.
  • Administer injections, perform venipuncture, take vital signs of animal, and accurately restrain animals, including fractious pets, for examination and treatment.
  • Dispense treatments/medications intravenously, orally, and subcutaneously.

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Vet Nurse / Technician
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Lake Oswego, Oregon, United States

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