Veterinary Technician

Job Description

Job Description


To assist the doctors and technicians with procedures, observe the patients as needed and report any problems, help keep the hospital clean and organized. To support one another and work well together as a team.


-Report to the RVT manager/head technician, head veterinary assistants and doctors regarding veterinary matters.

-Report to the Hospital manager regarding problem issues and business matters.

ü Smile!!!!!!!

ü Understand and follow all opening and closing procedures.

ü To be efficient, very pleasant, courteous, polite, concerned and helpful to all clients under all conditions at all times.

ü Report any changes in patient well being to Head Tech or Head Assistant or a doctor as soon as possible.

ü Team members in this position are responsible for providing service and communication to clients, members of the public, co-workers, and patients that are consistent with our practices and standards and fear free standards.

ü Dog and cat restraint for blood collection, treatment, etc. using the pet friendly guidelines and Sophia Yin videos

ü Have the knowledge to perform phlebotomy (drawing blood).

ü Know how and what injections to prepare for the doctors.

ü Be willing and able to check in drop offs and properly filling out cagecards, charge sheets and updating the computer with exam, etc.

ü Know how to trim nails, express anal glands, clean ears, etc. and put in the computer.

ü Be comfortable and compassionate getting a fecal.

ü Draw heartworm samples

ü Collecting samples for urinalysis

ü Have the knowledge to set up, monitor, and troubleshoot IV catheters and fluid pump

ü Know how to perform surgical preparations.

ü Be willing to assist with anesthetic inductions.

ü Be able to prepare the surgery suite with all instruments, etc. needed to complete surgical procedure.

ü Be able to help with surgery clean up, including cleaning and sterilizing all equipment necessary.

ü Knowledge to run autoclave successfully and maintenance on the autoclave

ü Know how to wrap packs and label.

ü Help keep grooming room clean and orderly. Do laundry.

ü Help keep patients/kennels clean, being kennel attendant when needed.

ü Help make sure all patients have clean food and water, bedding

ü Help keep “want list” up to date, adding anything that needs to be ordered.

ü Add items to inventory list when taken off of the shelf to be used for the hospital.

ü Participate in patient services meetings and lunch and learns as much as possible.

ü Able to properly assist with isolation animals, following correct protocols.

ü Help keep isolation clean and disinfected.

ü Help with any treatments, emergencies, etc. that come to the treatment area for attention.

ü Help keep the treatment area stocked with all of the necessary equipment.

ü Report any problems with equipment to Head Tech or Head Assistant as soon as possible

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Vet Nurse / Technician
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Asheville, North Carolina, United States

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