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Job Description

Job Description

, Veterinary Technician

Seven Oaks Veterinary Clinic is a well-established practice in the community of Plymouth, Indiana. At Seven Oaks, we believe in treating every patient as if they were our own pet and give them the same loving attention and care. We are seeking an experienced technician/assistant that is a self-motivated animal lover, devoted to giving our patients the best care possible.

The candidate will assist in both back and front office duties. The successful candidate will be able to work both as an individual self-starter and as part of a team to best assist our patients and their families.

Qualifications :

1. Licensed veterinary technician preferred

2. Team worker, yet able to work without constant supervision

3. Friendly, caring attitude that relates easily to clients and pets

4. Competent technical skills

5. Discreet, respects client confidentiality

6. Organizational skills

Overall Responsibilities :

1. Admit surgery patients, discussing needed laboratory procedures with clients

2. Draw any laboratory samples and run in-house tests (felv, occult hw, vet test machine, etc)

3. Be responsible for maintaining lab logs, and recording in patient records

4. Anesthesia induction , maintenance, and monitoring

5. Surgical preparation, and assistance

6. Dental prophylaxis

7. Maintenance of surgical equipment and machines (laboratory, anesthetic, autoclave, etc.)

8. Take radiographs

9. Monitor radiation dosage, maintain protective equipment and radiology log

10. Perform maintenance on x ray machine

11. Monitor, order, record and stock inventory

12. Talk with sales representatives, discussing new items with doctors

13. Fill prescriptions, monitor expiration dates on medications and foods

14. Be responsible for patient care on hospitalized patients, updating doctors and owners on pets condition

15. Be a liaison between doctors, staff, and clients

16. Gather patient history and perform initial physical exam

17. Run any EKGs, blood pressures, etc.

18. Assist with patient restraint , if needed

19. Make sure doctors list charges for everything done in exam room, surgery, or hospitalized cases

20. Complete any take home instruction sheets for doctors, and supply client with any added information

21. Monitor daily procedures and put in charges daily on hospitalized patients

22. Client education, keep adequate supply of all handouts

23. Keep controlled drug log, lock and unlock drug box

24. Collect medical waste and contact proper agency for pick up

25. Make contact with clients for updates on patients, schedule appropriate medical progress exams

26. Assist reception area, and answering phones as needed

27. Maintain communications with clients with long-term care pets, keeping doctors aware of conditions

28. Maintain a list of sick/non-routine patients seen, to check condition, in order to for doctors to be informed

29. Perform any other tasks as assigned by immediate supervisor

Additional Compensation :

  • Eligible for Quarterly Clinic Bonuses
  • Employee Store Discounts
  • Sign-on Bonus, $1,500 after 90-days

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Vet Nurse / Technician
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South Bend, Indiana, United States

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