Veterinary Technician

Job Description

Job Description

The Veterinary Technician is the veterinarian’s primary medical support and plays a vital role within the practice. Technicians must value the quality of care we provide at St. Francis of Assisi Veterinary Medical Center and communicate the value to clients. The technician aids the veterinarian in achieving greater efficiency in overall patient care. Technicians will apply their professional technical skills in anesthesia, surgery, dentistry, and laboratory testing, patient nursing care and client education

A technician’s focus is ever-changing according to the priority of the moment. This often requires significant multi-tasking and a creative thinking ability. The technician must be a detail-oriented person who can make good decisions, respond quickly and calmly to crises and always maintain high standards of patient care. Technicians need to communicate clearly with the veterinarians, other practice personnel as well as with clients to ensure that patients receive the care that they need. Technicians should enjoy working with people and animals.

Essential Qualifications
• Must genuinely enjoy working with animals even when they are stressed, ill or in pain.

Calmly and safely restrain pets that may struggle, scratch or try to bite.
• Prior v eterinary experience is required.
• Employees must be able to respond calmly and quickly to frequent auditory signals, warnings, or communication from other staff, animals or medical equipment. Employees should be able to work unaffected in an environment where dogs are barking loudly or constantly.
• Must be able to make independent, common sense decisions and solve complex problems.
• Perform multiple tasks simultaneously in a fast-paced environment.
• Perform physical duties include repetitive standing, walking, bending, twisting, and some

lifting up to 60lbs. Must be able to grasp, hold and manipulate objects.
• Must be able to observe abnormal behaviors and physical problems in patients.
• Technicians must be able to operate and maintain equipment pertinent to carrying out their duties, including but not limited to laboratory equipment, anesthesia and dental and radiographic equipment.
• Learn how to use the practice management software to enter services, medications, procedures and updates into patient record.

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Vet Nurse / Technician
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San Antonio, Texas, United States

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