Veterinary Surgical Assistant

Job Description

Job Description

The Surgical Assistant assists the veterinarian and technicians with patient care services in relation to surgery intake, discharge appointments, post-operative rechecks and wellness exams. This position assists in the preparation of patients for surgery, assists in patient restraint for exams, recovers patients after surgery, and assists in patient discharges.


  • Know basic veterinary medical concepts, including, but not limited to vaccine protocols and anesthetic risks. Be able to communicate such information to clients.
  • Knowledge and ability to intake and release patients, including delivering post-operative instructions in a competent and friendly manner
  • Responsible for prepping patients for surgery, observing all clinic procedures, to enforce sterility and safety of patients
  • Organize and maintain pre-operative area and operating room for patient anesthesia
  • General duties in the operating room during surgery, assisting with movement of patients, recovery of patients, and general flow
  • Able to monitor anesthesia with a clear idea of abnormal conditions

• Able to respond appropriately during an emergency, able to take directions from a veterinarian and/or veterinary technician, and maintain competency in CPR procedures

  • Ensure anesthetic machines, pulse oximeters, scales, and other equipment are functional.
  • When equipment is not working properly, report to the Manager or Lead Technician
  • Assists veterinarians and technicians with medical exams as needed; involves but is not limited to fear-free restraint, vaccinations, other injections, intubation and preoperative blood work.
  • Clean and sonicate surgical instruments and prepare surgical packs as needed.
  • Assist with cleaning and replenishing supplies in all areas of the hospital as needed


  • Required 1-year minimum experience in veterinary medical or animal husbandry in a veterinary hospital, shelter or spay/neuter clinic. 6 month minimum experience monitoring anesthesia and working in surgery.
  • Passion for animals and animal welfare
  • Strong background in customer service
  • Flexibility with work hours and able to work additional hours when necessary
  • Must be able to work efficiently in a fast-paced environment with demonstrated ability to juggle multiple competing tasks and demands
  • Strong organizational and time management skills, as well as a strong sense of personal accountability
  • Excellent verbal communication skills and a team player

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Oregon City, Oregon, United States

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