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Before telling you about the veterinary role we have for you in Townsville, situated in the heart of North Qld, let me share with you some of the topics discussed around our dinner table over the years, particularly when Richard was a young practicing vet. These things remain incredibly important to us and are very much a part of our culture to this day:

  1. He wanted to feel supported – whether it was the most rudimentary procedure, or he was learning really complex medicine.
  2. He wanted to enjoy his day – every day when he walked into the practice, he wanted to feel safe in the knowledge that the entire team had his back.
  3. He wanted to be able to ask questions of the more senior nurses and vets, knowing that they would try really hard to make him feel valued while he continued to grow.
  4. He wanted to be paid well – we were saving for our future and our family. He needed to know that if he worked hard, he’d be rewarded for this.
  5. He wanted to be heard – He had lots of ideas about improvements the clinic could make to patient care, and it was so awesome when his ideas were taken seriously.
  6. He wanted to grow – He was interested in learning to be the best small animal vet he could be and loved it when he was given the opportunity to engage in further study or attend conferences regularly.

We are a family run, small animal practice in Townsville and the number of our wonderful clients and their furry family members continue to grow. Our aim is to grow our clinic in a way that addresses all those hopes and dreams of a younger Richard so our Veterinary team feel supported to become the best Vets they can be.

If our culture resonates with you, I encourage you to reach out to us directly to talk through the detail.

Are we the Vet Clinic you are looking for?

Emmi and Richard Amos

Bohle Veterinary Clinic

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