VET (Paid, 1 year contract)

  • 179a, Kuruduwaththa Rd, Devinuwara, 81170, SO, LK

Job Description

1 year contract (or more if you love us!!) to come and help us!
Typical day to day is spent at the hospital where we have room for approx 35 inpatients.
In terms of typical cases we see:
* RTA / we see a lot of emergency presentations in general
* Fractures and dislocations
* Maggot wounds and burns
* Boar attacks
* Skin cases
* Babesiosis
* Snake bites
* Toxicosis
* Infectious disease – Parvo, distemper, rabies.
* Weird and wonderful neuro presentations
* All your usual UK stuff with the exception of less of the old chronic disease set.

Equipment wise we’re not just a beach shack! There’s in-house bloods (Woodleys), gas anaesthesia, usual otoscope / ophthalmoscope / refractometer, microscope, ultrasound (kinda.. cow PD machine.. but it’ll find you abdominal fluid and huge masses at least), chest drains, O tubes, transfusion stuff – all that kinda jazz.  Plus, we’ve just got digital x-ray, which is a game changer for us!

4 day week. 6 weeks holiday – DREAMY.

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Full-time, Part-Time
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Small animal practitioner

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  • We are both a UK registered charity and a Sri Lankan NGO, started in 2014
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