Vet Nurse

  • DJ 223 Km 3, Cernavoda, 905200, CT, RO

Job Description

Save the Dogs is looking for:

  • Volunteering for minimum 2 weeks: addressed to surgeon/clinician vet nurses with at least 3 years experience. The charity offers to cover the flight to/from Romania and roundtrip transportation with our driver from Bucharest to Cernavoda. Free accommodation in hotel/apartment. Meals up to the volunteer.
  • Contract of professional collaboration for 3/6/12 months: addressed to surgeon/clinician vet nurses with at least 3 years experience willing to move to Cernavoda, in Romania. Depending on individual experience, the activities will focus on sterilizations or medical assistance to the dogs/cats leaving for adoption abroad. A package of benefits is offered depending on the length of the contract.

Job duties:

  • Assisting in daily checks and treatments of shelter animals as required
  • Assist with the routine treatments to be provided to shelter animals ( internal/ external parasite treatment, vaccinations etc)
  • Anaesthesia monitoring for surgical procedures ( injectable anaesthesia is used)
  • Assist in the checkups and health checks needed for animals departing in the international adoption program as required


  • Full commitment to individual and shelter animal welfare
  • Good level of experience, preferably experience with total injectable anaesthesia but not necessary
  • Be open minded, flexible, passionate and able to work in a team


Job Details

Employment Type:
Full-time, Volunteer
Position Type:
Vet Nurse / Technician
Earliest Start Date:
Job Feature:

Accommodation provided


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