Vet Nurse Internship

  • Namak Village, Ban Keun, VI, LA

Job Description

Vet Nurse programme
Are you a Vet Nurse looking for some experience with wildlife or a placement student? At our Wildlife Hospital, we have full time Veterinarians who you can aid in their work. Work with our Veterinarians with all inpatient and outpatient care, surgical procedures and the husbandry of wildlife under the Vet team’s care.
Be prepared to be kept on your toes, no day is the same for our Vet team. At any time, we could go on a call out for a huge confiscation of wildlife, receive donated wildlife at our gates or have an animal which needs critical veterinary attention in our centre.
To ensure that all individuals get the most out of their experience here at the centre, places for this programme is generally limited to 1 individual at a time. If you wish to come as a group, please email us for further details.

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Vet Nurse / Technician
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