Kennel Assistant

Job Description

Job Description

As our Kennel Technician, where you’ll spend quality time with our furry patients who will love the attention you show them. You will care for dogs and cats housed in the kennels as well as the cleaning and maintenance of the enclosures, exercise yards, and complex. You must love and respect all animals, and the bond shared between pets and people. This is a fast-paced job and requires the ability to multitask.

As the Kennel Technician, duties may include feeding and giving water to animals following specific schedules and special feeding instructions. You may also clean, organize, and disinfect animal quarters; answer phone calls and schedule appointments; examine and observe animals to check possible signs of illnesses, diseases, or injuries. There may be times that you respond to questions from customers and provide information about animals, such as habitat, behavior, physical activities, or breeding habits.

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Lake Oswego, Oregon, United States

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