Client Services Representative

Job Description

Job Description

Job Title: Client Services Representative

Job Status:

Direct Report:


  • Check in all appointments/ ER arrivals
  • Ensure appropriate information is ready and entered correctly
  • Communicate effectively with technicians and doctors
  • Present treatment plans with a high level of confidence
  • Be at the front desk at all times to anticipate clients coming in (occasionally a situation may arise that pulls a receptionist to the back. He or She must communicate with other staff if he or she needs to finish/handle a task and needs another staff member to be up front.
  • Update owners with timeliness of an appointment or ER case
  • Keep track of owners waiting to be seen, and checking in to keep them updated regarding delays
  • Explain the triage process
  • Quote all exam fees
  • Knows each specialist and what they specialize in
  • Schedule specialty appointments
  • Correctly fax/email referral records requests for upcoming appointments
  • Give accurate directions from other cities/states
  • Quote common diagnostics if applicable for a specialist appointment
  • Quote for ER coming in and payment methods
  • Recognize a possible contagious animal and how to limit exposure to other pets
  • Clean a contagious room by written protocol
  • Process a Euthanasia with compassion and professionalism
  • Assist a phone caller with a financial need

Essential and Administrative Functions:

  • Process all paperwork for the hospital
  • Prepare paperwork for all schedule appointments
  • Prepare paperwork for all ER cases
  • Fax and/or email correctly and to appropriate person(s)
  • Correctly enter information into SamrtFlow & EzyVet
  • Process deposits and finish invoices correctly
  • Use the credit card and care credit machines accurately
  • Scan, rename and attach all documents into SmartFlow & EzyVet
  • Process or help a client process a care credit application
  • Prepare Financial Agreements when approved by doctor and/or supervisor
  • Call in prescriptions as directed by a doctor and how to properly enter into SmartFlow & EzyVet
  • Properly file all signed client and financial documents
  • Prepare and send sympathy cards
  • Call owners when ashes are back in our hospital and ready to pick-up
  • Use the intercom system for transferring calls
  • Obtain correct information from anyone calling, in order to direct call to correct person
  • Field calls from solicitors
  • Correctly enter all client communications into SmartFlow & EzyVet
  • Direct all paperwork coming from the fax machine to the correct person and/or place
  • Able to transfer Radiographs from company Email
  • Correctly send radiographs that need to be reviewed to our Radiologist
  • Correctly check over incoming records, lab work and radiographs for upcoming appointments and call if any information is still needed
  • Follow Hospital Policy as stated in the Employee Handbook

Office Maintenance Duties:

  • Keep the front half of the hospital clean and neat
  • Keep the coffee bar stocked and clean
  • Keep the reception area walls, floors and chairs neat, clean and free of clutter
  • Keep rugs clean- vacuum as needed
  • Keep rugs free of stain and rotate out if soiled
  • Keep all exam room floors, walls and tables clean
  • Keep all items in exam rooms neat and stocked
  • Keep all floors swept and mopped when needed
  • Keep both bathrooms clean, stocked and aromatic
  • Keep printers up front stocked and running
  • Use cleaning protocols when cleaning after a contagious animal has been in a room, lobby or hallway.
  • Keep big scale and mat clean
  • Make sure each room has a thermometer and that each is free of contamination
  • Follow the “Hotlist”, Daily, Swing and/or weekly checklists
  • Know who and where to communicate when office items are low and need to be ordered

Skill Requirements and Expectations:

  • Be prepared and on time for a scheduled shift
  • Be neat, clean and dressed professionally
  • Act professionally at all times
  • Have excellent people skills
  • Be friendly yet polished
  • Be warm and welcoming
  • Be able to multi-task
  • Handle an upset client while acting professional
  • Give accurate directions from other cities/states
  • Fax and/or email correctly and to appropriate person(s)
  • Know basic typing skills
  • Read, speak and write the English language

Working and Physical Conditions:

  • Working conditions are normal for a veterinary hospital
  • The noise level is moderate to high and includes business machines, medical equipment and patient barking/howling
  • Work involves frequent lifting of patients and inventory up to 40 pounds
  • Work involves frequent squatting, bending, pushing and pulling
  • Equipment operation may require the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) to include but not limited to nitrile gloves.

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Central Point, Oregon, United States

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