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Job Description

Job Description

Kirkman Road Veterinary Clinic

Client Service Specialist

Job Summary

The Client Service Specialist’s main responsibility is to provide exceptional client service while maintaining a smooth and efficient flow of clients and patients through the animal hospital. More specifically, the Client Service Specialist is responsible for greeting clients, determining the needs of the clients and patients, and completing the check-in and check-out process. The position requires a practical knowledge of the clinic’s procedures and policies. The Client Service Specialist is expected to perform the office duties related to patient care and treatment and to assist the Hospital Manager and doctors as needed.

This is a full time position; scheduled days and hours may vary based on hospital need. Weekend work is possible. This position may require standing for long periods of time and some heavy lifting may be involved.

The Client Service Specialist reports to the Hospital Manager and in his/her absence, the Managing doctor.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

Client Service: Before a Visit
• Professionally receives incoming calls on the telephone, using prescribed telephone techniques. Uses service excellence to address needs of perspective clients.
• Schedules client appointments and addresses client questions including calling clients back.
• Pulls patient charts for daily scheduled appointments and collects information to make necessary updates, including the creation of new charts, when appropriate.
• Follows established policy and procedures in scheduling clients for prompt treatment of ill and/or injured patients, as well as proper scheduling of patients in need of vaccinations, rechecks, surgeries, in hospital procedures, and other services that require the doctors and technicians’ time.
• Contacts clients with scheduled outpatient or pre-surgery appointments to remind them of the time and appointment requirements (for example, stool samples for fecals or withholding any food and water).
• Maintains appearance and cleanliness of the waiting room and reception area, including re-stocking of products, office supplies, client educational materials, hospital brochures, etc.
• Demonstrates basic emergency procedures and can give proper information on transporting the patient to the hospital. Responsible for advising hospital staff about incoming emergencies.
• Demonstrates a full working knowledge of AVImark procedures and functional applications.

Client Service: During a Visit
• Greets clients with a cheerful and professional attitude and makes them feel welcome during their entire time in the clinic. This includes assisting them in a timely manner and ensuring that someone is in contact with the client from arrival to departure.
• After preparing patient’s chart, communicates with front technician as to the client’s needs, and follow through to be certain that the client’s needs are taken care of.
• Completes client check-ins and check-outs, preparing all required forms such as in-house patient and client forms, health certificates, euthanasia forms, vaccination certificates, handouts, rabies tags and certificates, consent and release forms, pre-surgery instruction sheets, etc.
• Schedules follow-up medical progress exams and/or appointments for additional healthcare as directed by a doctor.
• Assists emotional and/or grieving clients by escorting them to a private area. Demonstrates empathy for clients’ companion animals. Uses a variety of techniques shown in training, to reassure distressed pet owners.
• Completes all filing, including paid invoices, radiographs, lab reports, and correspondence.
• Invoices clients, collects fees, makes change, imprints credit card forms and obtains authorization for credit charges, following the credit policies of the hospital. Also counsels clients as to payment options, and helps clients to fill out any necessary paperwork such as Care Credit applications or promissory notes

Client Service: Following a Visit
• Educates clients on products and services and responds to routine medical care questions (for example, vaccination schedules for puppies and kittens, worming, or flea treatment) in person or over the phone.
• Follows up with clients via phone after a patient visit/surgery or to schedule a doctor recommended treatment (This responsibility may be shared with a technician).
• Prepares and sends welcome letters, new client information packets, referral and thank you letters, condolences, long wait notes, and other correspondence for the doctors and/or Hospital Manager.
• Prepares client education packets and brochures and is responsible for making sure that all handouts are prepared and in stock, and ready for immediate distribution to clients
• Helps with client reminders for annual health assessments, parasite checks, dentistry, senior care, etc.

• Follows time clock procedures for clocking in and out at the start and end of the shift and reports to work on time for each shift.
• Ensures the front office is clean and tidy, maintaining a professional appearance at all times.
• Assists the Hospital Manager with special projects during slow times.
• Ensures there is a sufficient supply of hospital forms and office supplies and reorders the needed supplies on a timely basis, or notifies the Hospital Manager well in advance, so that inventory never runs out.
• Maximizes schedule based on Doctor and time needed for an appointment.
• Makes overdue reminder calls to clients.
• Assists Hospital Manager with additional clinic tasks as needed.

• Provides cost estimates and prepares client invoices while informing clients of credit policies and any outstanding balances.
• Enters charges accurately into the computer using appropriate codes and take client payments.
• Closes out and records credit card receipts daily.
• Prints daily and monthly computer reports and reconciliation.
• Balances out cash drawer at completion of day’s business, prepares bank deposits, runs end of day reports in AVImark, and runs back up tape to preserve computer data.

• Knowledge of medical terms and pharmaceutical names
• Performs over the counter sales of merchandise such as food and special diets, shampoos, flea and tick control products, heartworm, etc. Demonstrates a technical knowledge of products and is capable of assisting clients with their product needs including medical products such as microchips and can assist with pet insurance
• Knowledge of patient breeds and temperaments
• Assists front technician in filling prescriptions with appropriate medication, providing routine instructions to owners on the proper administration of the medication.
• Assists the Exam Room Technician when necessary. It may be necessary for this position to assume the technician’s responsibilities in her/his absence, therefore you must be familiar with many of the duties of this position.
• Conveys the clinic message related to Quality Patient Care and helps educate the client with non-medical patient care.

Qualifications: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

• Telephone etiquette and Client Service Excellence
• Basic veterinary medical knowledge, including products and services, is desired
• English language and written skills required
• Familiar with the use of policies, reports, and form completion

• Excellent telephone skills
• Excellent oral and written communication skills
• Interpersonal skills including working in a team environment
• Handling difficult situations including emergencies
• Basic computer skills (Microsoft Office, E-mail, and AVImark experience preferred)
• Strong organizational skills with ability to multi-task and still attend to details
• Typing skills (accuracy)
• Payment handling and basic finance skills

• Professional and courteous
• Flexible
• Willingness to learn
• Ability to remain calm under pressure
• Attention to detail
• Time management
• Works well in team and fast-paced environment
• Adherence to procedures and protocols
• Takes initiative


Education/ Experience
• High school degree
• Bachelors degree a plus
• Prior client service experience in related area preferred but not required


Each Client Service Specialist will have a 4-6 week training program at the beginning of employment at Kirkman Road Veterinary Clinicl. At the completion of which she/he should be able to perform the duties required of the position. Additional training will be offered as needed to any Client Service Specialist to help enhance her/his skills and efficiency.

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