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Job Description

Job Description

GP Veterinarian | 9 Dr-team | Small animals and exotics if interested! | Countryside, Chicago

Are you looking for a position that will continually remind you of why you became a Veterinarian? A home that offers the full gamut of specialties and services? A patient population with a large enough variety that will allow you to keep expanding your skills? We have it at Countryside Veterinary Center!

Do you need a fast-paced and high-energy environment? How about a cohesive and team-oriented culture that offers a flexible schedule? It’s us.

If you’re looking to break the monotony and experience something new each day you walk into your exam rooms from preventative care to emergencies, this is it.

We are an efficient non-appointment practice in a paper-light full-service hospital. Your future 9 DVM and 15 technician partners are waiting to meet you in our small animal and exotics practice.

We offer continued support and constant resources no matter your experience level. If you are a new grad, then look forward to being paired with several mentors until you’re fully acclimated. We offer 1:1 doctor to tech ratio and have a room assistant in every exam room so you can focus on what you love, pet care.

If you are an experienced Veterinarian, how about passing along your knowledge? We are also an extern site for several vet students and offer 2-4 week long clinical experiences. If you enjoy getting involved, we’re definitely the place for you.

We offer a competitive salary ($100,000+ with the possibility of production earnings!!) , benefits and several other perks that include License & DEA coverage, ongoing annual Continuing Education funds, professional membership dues, PTO, Liability Insurance, and many others.

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Countryside, Illinois, United States

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