Wild Spring Break

Wild Spring Break   |   Course - Undergraduate/externship

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Western Highway Mile 60, San Ignacio, CY, BZ



Event Description

Perfect for pre-vet, vet and students interested in wildlife conservation. The Wild-Spring-Break is a Wildlife Medicine & Conservation “Light” combining the perfect combination of wildlife veterinary medicine,  conservation, and eco-based recreation. Participants travel from the warm turquoise Caribbean waters to the rainforest while meeting and learning from veterinary and conservation professionals. This fast-paced program includes visits to wildlife centers across Belize and Guatemala, and both marine and terrestrial protected areas where participants snorkel in the Western Hemisphere’s most extensive coral reef, and visit Maya sites and wildlife centers set in jungles of Belize and Guatemala. Students engage with experts in Wildlife Medicine & Conservation, combining site visits with experiential learning on the front lines of wildlife conservation. Site trips include the Caye Caulker Marine Reserve, the Belize Zoo, the Green Iguana Project, the Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic, and ARCAS. You can sign up for one of our trips, or book a private section for your school or club.

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Event Type

Course - Undergraduate/externship




Public health


Species Specialization

  • Avian
  • Reptile/amphibian
  • Wildlife
  • Zoo animal

Event Location

This event will take place in Western Highway Mile 60, San Ignacio, CY, BZ

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