Pet & Aquarium Fish TimeOnline with Alex Rosenwax

Pet & Aquarium Fish TimeOnline with Alex Rosenwax   |   Course - Postgraduate

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Veterinary Science Conference Centre, Sydney, 2006, NSW, AU


11 May-7 June 2020 | Online

Event Description

This course is designed to provide a basic understanding of the diagnosis and treatment of pet fish and will cover selected areas of care and husbandry of freshwater pond and aquarium fish.

Learn how to treat and diagnose problems in pet fish and give owners advice on simple setup and maintenance of aquariums and ponds.  Fish may be presented to a veterinary clinic when unwell, traumatised or for post mortem examination. Commonly the owner is unfamiliar with handling their own fish, and with normal behaviour and anatomy. The veterinarian must decide if the fish is normal, unwell or an emergency case. In order to do so, they must be familiar with normal fish anatomy and husbandry. Importantly, the veterinarian must also have a good knowledge of pond and aquarium health. Unwell fish may need further diagnostic work up to determine the cause of illness; including faecal tests, skin/gill scrapes, water quality tests, radiographs and post mortems. Once a diagnosis has been reached, appropriate treatment, medication and/or surgical procedures may be necessary on these often relatively simple cases. On completion of this course, participants will have a basic knowledge and understanding of the husbandry and common illnesses in pond and aquarium fish, the diagnostic tests available and treatment options. Veterinary nurses/technicians with a special interest in the topic are welcome to enrol in this course. Please be aware that the course is designed for qualified veterinarians and you should consider this in light of your knowledge and experience before you register.
"Great course, particularly for vets who want to venture into fish medicine and need a 101 intro." 2018 Course Participant

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Course - Postgraduate



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  • Aquatic

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This event will take place in Veterinary Science Conference Centre, Sydney, 2006, NSW, AU

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