Ophthalmology Distance Education with Robin Stanley

Ophthalmology Distance Education with Robin Stanley   |   Course - Postgraduate

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Veterinary Science Conference Centre, Sydney, 2006, NSW, AU


1 February - 30 November 2020 | Online CPD + 1 x 2-Day Workshop

Event Description

Develop your ability and confidence to investigate, diagnose and manage your ocular cases, every single time.

Ophthalmology is one of those subjects you can’t learn at University or from a book – you really need to see cases to work out what is happening in eyes. This course is focused on working through presenting signs and aims to help vets in general, equine or small animal practice manage their eye cases with greater competence and confidence. The course will present the latest evidence-based information as well as numerous videos and images of ophthalmic conditions and procedures, which you will be encouraged to practice at a two-day practical workshop at Dr Stanley’s practice.

Past Participant:

“I already had a strong interest in Ophthalmology before starting the course but found it very useful in updating current knowledge and improving my confidence. The approach was systematic and logical. Well worth doing!” Jos van Hees, Auckland NZ

Learning Outcomes   By successfully completing this course, you will:
  1. Improve your diagnostic skills via case-based learning
  2. Gain a greater understanding of the medications used to treat eye problems
  3. Gain greater confidence in handling ophthalmology cases
  4. Learn optimal medical and surgical management methods for a variety of presenting problems

  1. Method of Eye Examination, Breed Predisposition
  2. Applied Ocular Pharmacology, Ocular Emergencies, Differential Diagnoses
  3. Ocular surgery
  4. Vision Loss and Ocular Discharge
  5. Vision Loss and Ocular Discharge
  6. The Red Eye: Part I – Conjunctivitis
  7. The Red Eye: Part II – Uveitis
  8. The Cornea
  9. The Eyelids
  10. Blue Eye –  includes glaucoma, lens luxation and lipid aqueous

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Event Type

Course - Postgraduate



Species Specialization

  • Companion animals

Event Location

This event will take place in Veterinary Science Conference Centre, Sydney, 2006, NSW, AU

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