Lead to Succeed Executive Leadership Program 2020 Dates

Lead to Succeed Executive Leadership Program 2020 Dates   |   Course - Postgraduate

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Sydney NSW, Australia


02-Apr-2020 - 03-Apr-2020

Event Description

Lead to Succeed is a 3-year development program designed for practice owners and managers.

Lead to Succeed is an Executive Leadership course designed to support business owners and leaders to achieve higher performance in their organisations every day.

The main reason most leaders we speak to are struggling, and most business owners describe people management as their number one headache, is because they are trying to apply an out-dated leadership model that just doesn’t work.

Lead to Succeed helps business owners and leaders transition to a contemporary leadership model designed for success. As well as removing the main cause of stress in running a business, this innovative program will lift financial performance through higher levels of engagement, accountability and productivity in the team.

Amongst the numerous skills you and your managers will develop, this program will ensure you master how to:

  • Motivate people so they treat your business like it’s their own
  • Conduct difficult conversations without all the stress and apprehension
  • Swiftly deal with conflict amongst the ranks before it escalates to nightmare proportions
  • Identify and recruit the right people to create an amazing team
  • Delegate effectively to buy you more time
  • Have people do what they say they’re going to, and keep doing it
  • Confidently handle critical decisions and situations with real-time support when needed
  • Have less stress and get more achieved in your role as a leader
  • Enjoy higher financial returns from a business without the headaches

Lead to Succeed combines the power of off-site small group training days, monthly business leadership coaching, members-only webinars and the very latest in training resources to deliver this game-changing program. Leaders will improve their chance of success across all aspects of their life by understanding and applying a set of practical and transferrable leadership principles.

Once implemented, these principles will directly impact their organisation through higher levels of accountability, staff engagement, retention and business productivity.

How does Lead to Succeed work?

Years 1 & 2 The first two years are divided into 6 month long semesters, each involving 2 days of facilitated skills training followed by 5 months of coaching, further reading and assignment work. Delegates are allocated into teams of approximately 10 other non-competing practices providing the opportunity for open discussion and peer based learning. All training and additional reading materials are provided and semester skills training dates are agreed by the team, often interstate in resort style facilities to facilitate a change of mindset in order to stimulate creativity. Year 3 There is a deliberate change of format in year 3. You remain in your Lead to Succeed teams however structured coaching and assignments stop and the curriculum is delivered via 3 x 2-day training events every 4 months, a HR support line, and exclusive webinars 6 times a year. We really shift gears at this point in your journey with a focus on leveraging your leadership skills, and the engaged team you have created, to produce exceptional financial performance. At the first event we will address any gaps in your leadership knowledge and its application in practice. Expert business mentors will then begin to train you in tried and tested systems and strategies that produce success and assist you in creating a detailed business plan. In the following 2 training events, through ongoing bench-marking and financial analysis, we will strategise and tailor your business plan and provide leadership-focused guidance on its successful execution. Reduction in Costs, Growth in Revenue, Growth in New Clients and Profitability will be some of our key measures of success. With the Team Coaching that occurs throughout Year 3 you will enjoy the support of your mentors, who have achieved high performing businesses themselves, as well as the knowledge and support of your team as you execute your business plan. Additional personalised mentoring sessions can also be provided throughout the year to further enhance the benefit you will receive.

Whats included:

  • Two day group training events held each semester
  • Monthly coaching sessions
  • Access to Education Link – our members only resource centre
  • Reading library
  • Access to the GROW modules
  • Access to a whatsapp group chat in order to communicate with Lincoln and fellow cohort members.
  • Graduation in Team Omega – alumni benefits scheme

Event details

Event Type

Course - Postgraduate


Practice management


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  • Companion animals
  • Equine
  • Production animal
  • Avian
  • Reptile/amphibian
  • Exotic companion
  • Wildlife
  • Zoo animal
  • Aquatic
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Event Location

This event will take place in Sydney NSW, Australia

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