Global Wildlife Health and Conversation MSc

Global Wildlife Health and Conversation MSc   |   Course - Postgraduate

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This innovative programme aims to give you the knowledge, skills and practical training needed to work with wildlife, and particularly emphasises wildlife health and conservation on a global scale. Cutting-edge topics include animal capture and handling techniques; the assessment, stabilisation and transportation of injured animals; methods for improving the welfare of captive animals; concepts in behavioural ecology; endangered species breeding programmes; the reintroduction of captive populations to the wild; practical conservation strategies; and the management of protected areas. The curriculum also delivers a comprehensive introduction to wildlife disease ecology, surveillance and control. The MSc is based at the Bristol Veterinary School in the village of Langford near the Mendip Hills in Somerset, providing convenient access to Exmoor National Park and the rich wildlife habitats of south-west England. A large number of lectures, small group workshops and practical sessions take place at Bristol Zoo, allowing you to gain hands-on experience of exotic animal care while working behind the scenes in a modern zoological garden. A special feature of this MSc is the large number of specialist lectures, workshops and seminars that are delivered by leading researchers, conservationists and wildlife veterinarians from outside the University. These provide valuable networking opportunities that will benefit you in your future career. By the end of the course you will have gained the skills and knowledge to deal with a variety of practical situations that professional wildlife biologists face on a day-to-day basis.

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Course - Postgraduate




Emergency/critical care




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  • Wildlife

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This event will take place in Bristol University, Bristol, BS405DU, BSTL, GB

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