Backyard Chickens TimeOnline with Bob Doneley

Backyard Chickens TimeOnline with Bob Doneley   |   Course - Postgraduate

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Veterinary Science Conference Centre, Sydney, 2006, NSW, AU


14 April-11 May 2020 | Online

Event Description

This course introduces backyard poultry to the clinician to allow comprehensive and effective workup and care for these patients.

Keeping a few chickens in the backyard has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity over the last decade, with the backyard chicken becoming one of the most common birds presenting for veterinary care. This course aims to give you more confidence in approaching your backyard poultry cases by firstly providing an introduction to pet chicken medicine and then discussing common infectious and non-infectious diseases, anaesthesia and surgery. Veterinary nurses with a special interest in the topic are welcome to enrol in this course. Please be aware that the course is designed for qualified veterinarians and you should consider this in light of your knowledge and experience before you register.
'Absolutely brilliant course by an extremely knowledgeable tutor in Bob Doneley….'

Dr James Routledge, Family & Friends Private Vetcare, Banora Point NSW.

'This was a fantastic course, the materials provided and the interaction with the tutor was excellent. The surprising bonus was the forums, there were so many gems of wisdom in these exchanges - thank you. These are the best way to balance a busy life with excellent continuing education.'

Lisa Wade

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Course - Postgraduate




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  • Avian

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This event will take place in Veterinary Science Conference Centre, Sydney, 2006, NSW, AU

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