Abdominal Imaging Distance Education with Zoe Lenard

Abdominal Imaging Distance Education with Zoe Lenard   |   Course - Postgraduate

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Veterinary Science Conference Centre, Sydney, 2006, NSW, AU


1 August - 30 November 2019 | Online CPD + 1 x 1-Day Workshop

Event Description

Develop a greater understanding of the benefits of abdominal radiography and improve your imaging evaluation of common abdominal diseases.

This course focuses on a radiographic approach to abdominal imaging but will supplement radiographic imaging with other imaging modalities. The usefulness of ultrasonography will be explored for imaging abdominal viscera and, where relevant, the application of other modalities such as computer tomography (CT) will be discussed and demonstrated. While this is not primarily an ultrasound course, the comparative usefulness of radiography and ultrasound will be included wherever possible. You can expect to further your knowledge of ultrasound and its indications. You will not be required to have an ultrasound machine in your practice; for those that do, however, there will be some practical sonographic tasks. The course is broken into modules which deal with imaging in the vomiting patient (Module 1), the usefulness of imaging for evaluation of viscera (Module 2) and looking at the urogenital tract (Module 3) Participants regularly comment that they were amazed by how much more confidence they had with approaching imaging of the abdomen after the course, and were filled with confidence about tackling more difficult cases in practice. The workshop provides excellent opportunities to work through different modalities and problems, and whilst learning from your colleagues in a supportive manner.

Diagnostic Imaging Program

This course is part of our year-long Diagnostic Imaging Program which has been broken down into 3 more manageable parts: Abdominal, Musculoskeletal and Thoracic Imaging. Each is a discrete unit on its own but together they form a formidable Imaging educational program. The introductory imaging module is completed only once when you enrol in the first unit; units may be completed in any order. The other units are:

Learning Outcomes By successfully completing this course, you will:
  1. Develop an understanding of the benefits of using radiography to evaluate the abdomen, in the context of all imaging modalities
  2. Gain an understanding of the comparative modalities (especially ultrasound, and also CT and other modalities) in abdominal imaging, and applications of each modality
  3. Develop an ordered and logical approach for imaging and evaluation of the vomiting dog or cat
  4. Gain an appreciation of the possible imaging appearances of common abdominal diseases including pancreatitis, liver and splenic disease, intestinal obstruction and peritoneal effusions

  1. Compulsory Introductory Module*
  2. Gastrointestinal Tract
  3. Abdominal Viscera and Cavities
  4. The Urogenital System
*The introductory module is a pre-requirement for each imaging course (Thoracic, Abdominal, Musculoskeletal). If you complete the introductory module in one of the courses, you will not be required to complete it again should you register for one of the other imaging courses.

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Course - Postgraduate



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  • Companion animals

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This event will take place in Veterinary Science Conference Centre, Sydney, 2006, NSW, AU

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