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StreetVet was born in 2016, inspired by the incredible bond between a homeless man and his dog! Victims of the UK homelessness epidemic often have scant support, except for, in a growing number of cases, the companionship of their pets.

Some have had their pets since before losing their homes. Others had the responsibility of pet ownership thrust upon them. Irrespective, the bond between many homeless people and their dogs is profound, such that their pets’ wellbeing is a life-shaping priority. Now our ever increasing number of volunteers can help, by providing accessible fundamental vet care.

StreetVet vets and nurses, working with outreach organisations, are out in multiple communities weekly. Since inception we have helped care for over 600 street dogs (some cats and rabbit!). We have vaccinated and microchipped; treated for fleas and protected against lungworm; prescribed pain relief and helped fight infections; performed surgeries; and sometimes just sat and listened.

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    Streetvet provides a completely free service to the homeless. In order to deliver this service we rely entirely on the ...

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