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Are you one of the millions of people living in Canada who battle with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, psychosis, eating disorders, ADHD, or other medical conditions?


The ADHD therapy and individual therapy that we offer here at McDowall Integrative Psychology & Healthcare  are two examples of the kind of evidence-based and successful psychological Therapy that we provide. It is the mission of our clinical health psychologists to create a space that is free from danger and conducive to relaxation so that our clients feel at ease enough to discuss, investigate, and ultimately overcome the challenges they face in their lives so that they can lead happier, more fruitful lives.


No matter what challenges you are facing, we will cooperatively work with you to figure out the solution that is most suitable to meet your requirements, goals, and values. It’s not always easy to ask for assistance, but taking this first step is the most important thing you can do. 

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