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    La Senda Verde Wildlife Sanctuary, N. Yungas Road, Yolosa, LPZ, BO


Senda Verde is a Wildlife Sanctuary located at the end of the death road in the Yungas of La Paz, in Yolosa, near Coroico, Bolivia. Vicky and Marcelo Ossio co-founded La Senda Verde in 2003. They reside at LSV, and have personally provided the majority of funding which LSV has received to date.   LSV Animal Refuge started its operations with a small number of animals that were voluntarily handed over to the refuge. Before the end of 2007 LSV established a relationship with the organization Animales SOS, this same institution made the case for the rescue of a 4 month old Andean Bear, Aruma. From here on LSV received a higher quantity of animals that were the result of illegal trafficking and over the past four years, illegal animal trafficking has drastically increased in Bolivia. As a result, the animal population at LSV has more than quadrupled in the past three years to approximately 701 animals (January 2017). They now receive new animals at least monthly, and often weekly.

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    Description La Senda Verda are looking to recruit 3 Animal Keepers to fill the following roles: Working with Capuchin monkeys ...

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