• Kairākau Awhi Limited
  • Kairākau Awhi Limited

    21 Routley Avenue, Kaikohe 0405, Aotearoa New Zealand, Kaikohe, 0405, WAI, NZ


Kairaakau Awhi Ltd, an integral part of the vibrant legacy fostered by Kairākau Kaikohe, a family-rooted initiative deeply immersed in Māori heritage across all its endeavors. Our core purpose is to embody the profound bonds woven through lineage, kinship, and the sharing of ancestral wisdom, showcasing the boundless possibilities born from togetherness. This unity acts as our driving force, fostering personal evolution and communal triumph. We passionately uphold the belief that embracing and revitalizing our cultural core unleashes the potential to manifest our deepest dreams, enabling us to redefine and embrace our distinct vision.

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