• Greater Good Foundation
  • Greater Good Foundation

    Greater Good Animal Sanctuary, Lot 2415 Tavarau, , Lautoka, W, FJ


The Greater Good Foundation is a registered non-profit charity which operates Fiji’s only Animal Sanctuary.  The sanctuary is located 16KM West of Lautoka City, and is home to 150+ rescued dogs.

We rescue and care for abused, abandoned, injured and sick animals.  Our sanctuary is the last resort for dogs who have nowhere else to go.

The Sanctuary is NO-KILL and NO-REFUSAL – no animal has ever been put down due to lack of space, high costs or behavioral issues; we have never refused care to any animal in dire need of help.

We play a very active role in population management and work closely with town/city councils to use the TNR, method for population control.

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non profit


Cats, Dogs

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