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A qualified Camarillo dentist needs to take care of this serious dental problem right away. Are you having constant, throbbing tooth pain along with swelling or a bump on your gums that looks like a pimple? You might have an abscess in your tooth. If you ignore the signs of a dental abscess, you could end up with a serious infection and other problems.

When a tooth abscess is present
Tooth pain is a sharp, constant pain that can spread to the jawbone or neck.
Swelling: Red, swollen gums or a bump on the gum line that looks like a pimple.
Fever: If you have a fever and pain, it could mean that an infection is spreading.
Hypersensitivity means being more sensitive to things that are hot or cold.

In Camarillo, CA, Looking for Help
Getting an appointment with a reliable Camarillo dentist dental checkup right away is very important if you notice any of these signs. Our skilled staff is experts at quickly and effectively treating dental abscesses. We get to the root of the problem before it gets worse by using advanced diagnostic tools and personalized care. Do not let a dental abscess hurt your oral health. Get the expert care at dental insurance you deserve by making an appointment with us right away.

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