• Cook Island SPCA
  • Cook Island SPCA

    Wigmores Waterfall Road, Vaimaanga, RR, CK


The Cook Islands SPCA looks after stray, abused and homeless animals in Rarotonga. We are dedicated to improving animal welfare and educating people on best practice animal care.

We were established in 1997 and opened our first shelter site on 14 February 2015 on Wigmores Waterfall Rd, Rarotonga, Cook Islands.

We are a small team of dedicated volunteers who operate the SPCA Op Shop, the SPCA kennel site, weekly raffles, quizzes, garage sales, behind the scenes administration and policy making to name a few. We are also called out on a daily basis to inspect animals that the public are concerned about and transport animals to and from the vets that require veterinary attention.

Along with ongoing animal welfare we are currently focusing on a Desexing project to help keep the dog population under control.  

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Cats, Dogs

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    The Cooks Islands SPCA has an exciting full time position to commence January 2020. The key responsibilities include: 1.Care ...

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