• Chimpanzee Conservation Center

    Parc National du Haut Niger, Faranah, FRN, GN


The CCC is a sanctuary established by the Government of Guinea in 1997 that collects, rehabilitates and releases orphaned chimpanzees that are victims of illegal bushmeat trafficking and trafficking in babies. The CCC is located in the heart of the Haut Niger National Park, home to a large population of wild chimpanzees and a rich fauna, currently dealing with 57 chimpanzees (approximately 2 to 37 years old) and are following 7 released chimpanzees. The Center is also actively involved in environmental awareness and community development programs, collaborating with the authorities in the protection of the National Park..

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non profit



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  • Volunteer Veterinarian

    Vet   |   Volunteer
    Volunteer Vet for 2/3 months duration The main responsibilities are to take care of the health of all the chimps, ...

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