• Vet Festival

    Loseley Park, GU3 1HY , Guildford, SRY, GB,


VET Festival is different. Very different. Ask anyone that’s been….we guarantee you will leave the event inspired, invigorated and bursting with new found knowledge to take back to your practice.

It really is CPD with the feel good factor!  Fresh air, music, chilling, great food and an awesome atmosphere. It’s a chance to immerse yourself in CPD for 2 days but also have some fun and relax with your colleagues.

VET Festival is a unique outdoor environment where we’re not afraid to talk about challenging issues in our industry, to innovate and to break the mould for the delivery of veterinary education.

VET Festival is as much about the CPD as it is about re-charging and having fun with your industry colleagues. Spend the breaks eating exquisite food, playing Hoopla, chilling on bean bags or if it takes your fancy – have your face painted!   It’s a community of compassionate people, where joy and fun is equal and integral to the CPD learning experience with a sense of genuine comradery – experience fun, joy, love and belonging whilst learning.

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