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A cheating partner is consciously aware of what they are doing to you. But before guilt swallows them up, they begin shifting the blame to you. In order to get rid of the regrets, they think or say that it is you who is not playing your part in the relationship properly. Make a note of this because this is a defence mechanism. Your partner may also get quick at avoiding certain topics, and you just cannot get them to talk to you. They may stop you from speaking, suddenly walk out of the room or say that you are overreacting. All of this, including a sudden decline in commitments is a sign. They don’t really know where you both are headed in your relationship, and it is just as fruitless when you ask them. We provide the best personal detective in Kolkata to gather all proofs against cheating partners, while maintaining 100% anonymity. More at https://www.aasthainvestigationagency.com/

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